Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to find the best induction cookware, what is induction cookware?

Want a great set of inductuon cookwares for your kitchen? There are a lot of thing to consider before shop.

Induction kitchen accessories is the most high-quality, and professional technology for your kitchen. Nowadays, as the evolution of cookwares, induction cookware is more reliable, cheaper, and easier to use. The most important part is, that you must have an induction stovetop installed in your kitchen. You could check the best induction stovetops in our other article

How inductuion cooking works?

The induction stovetops produces magnetic field, which generates electric current. The magnetic field generated by coils. This electric current heats up your pans. So, the cookwares are magnetic. When you move away the pan, the heath generation stops. 

Why use induction cookwares?

There are many benefits of induction tools in the kitchen.

  • Temperature: The temperature will adjust really quickly, you don't have to wait long time for boiling, and the temperature decrease quickly, you won't burn yourself.
  • Power efficiency: All of the energy absorbed directly, through themost efficient way (near 100%)
  • Save the nature: As your stove won't produce gas, and other harmfull things, just electricity.
Induction pan for pancakes

Cons of induction tools

However there could be some cons of these type of tools. These not a big deal, but you must check it.

  • You must have buy induction cookware: If you have an induction stove, you can't use regular cookwares like glass, aluminiom or copper.
  • No "flames": There is no charring effect, which could required by steaks or other special foods in special ways.

How to choose?

So you want an induction cookwares and stove, you must always keep somethings in mind.
Check the most important points of the choice.

  • Induction ready labelled cookware: You must always check the tool if there is an "Induction ready cookware" label on it. 
  • Flat bottomed cookware: Unevened bottomed cookwares easily can vibrate (because of the frequency of the magnetic field)
  • Check with magnet: If you are unsure about the tool,use a magnet, if the magnet sticks to the cookware, it can be used on the induction stove.
Check our review article to buy the best induction cookwares, by detialed review.


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